Discovery Int’l Geophysics

Who we are

Discovery International (int’l) Geophysics Inc. founded in 1996 comprises a diverse mixture of industry professionals utilizing cutting edge technology to enhance the probability of Ore detection. We believe that Geophysics is the tool of the future to unearth complex or deep anomalies and to do this to the highest level is only achieved by remaining visionary and creative at all times. Most of all we recognize the way forward necessitates the need to remain resolute at all times in advancing, supporting and utilizing geophysical innovation excellence.

How we operate

Safety By Design

First and foremost we have a firm belief that from beginning to end if projects are properly planned and executed, all incidents or near misses can be averted. This can only be accomplished by systematically reviewing all aspects of projects in advance to identify risk and then address these risks before projects get underway. We then execute field work in a planned and controlled manner to safeguard employees, the environment and local community. We do this by verifying all equipment in use is checked daily and that our work procedures ensure safe operations, but most importantly we make sure that all persons under our control are properly trained and agree to work and conduct themselves without exception in a safe and consciousness manner 24/7 while operating under the Discovery banner.

Trusted Integrity

We offer full turn-key geophysical solutions to meet or exceed expectations of our clients. We operate with honesty and integrity and understand the trust our clients place on our advice, backed by our years of experience in geophysics. We understand that to let a client down is bad business, so we continually strive to excel and surpass expectations. Most of all we operate under the principle that our client’s success is our success, because a successful geophysical survey resulting in a mineral discovery is what were all about.

Dedicated Employees

Discovery recognized from the beginning the impact incompetent field personnel will have on field projects and always strive to assemble a team of people skilled at consistently executing field work to an exceptional level. We’ve accomplished this through higher wages and rewarding individuals and crews with added incentives. This approach has led to low employee turnover and a loyal, dynamic and energetic workforce. The success of a geophysical project is without question dictated by the crew performance more than anything else and Discovery employees many of the best and brightest personnel in the industry.

Professional Standards

We ensure all personnel understand their duties and are ready to perform them safely – We follow a drug and alcohol free workplace at all times and exercise the right to random drug test if warranted – We pledge that all employees either full-time or part-time will be treated equally and fairly – We implement operation environmental preventive actions on all projects – We will respond to and effectively manage any incident or accident – We promise to maintain and accept no performance level other than Zero Harm

Meet the Team


Dennis Woods President, Chief Geophysicist, Ph.D., P.Eng.


Brent Robertson Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer

Doris Palomino Reporting Geophysicist, B.Sc.

Mike Fisher Accounting


Anthony Robertson Operations Manager


Shaun Robertson Senior Field Technician

Tonny Dithobane Project Geophysicist, B.Sc., G.I.T

Ryan Olson Project Geophysicist, B.Sc. (hon), G.I.T.


Connor Harrison Field Technician

Tim Kulchyski Crew Chief

Adam Starnyski Crew Chief

Derek Roberts Crew Chief