Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Geophysics

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Geophysics

Discovery continually strives to maintain itself as a leader in geophysical innovation for the mining, mineral exploration, and environmental sectors. As we enter the modern-day UAV/Drone age, we are taking full advantage of state-of-the-art multi-rotor Drone and crash avoidance technology along with flight control software to provide our clients with access to safe, pilotless, low noise, low cost airborne geophysical data acquisition. The efficiency and potential of Drone Geophysics is just beginning and numerous opportunities lay ahead to improve geophysical data acquisition as drone technology evolves, you can count on Discovery to stay current with all developments.

Drone Photogrammetry —  Low altitude ultra high precision digital surface model mapping in advance of DroneMAG or DroneSAM surveys, enabling safe precision drape flying and pre-planned line of sight positioning of ground personnel.
DroneMag — Total Field Magnetics (TMI) 1000 Hz sample rate, synchronized on-board RTK-GPS, laser altimeter, IMU and data radio-link, acquisition range 5m/sec, providing ultra high sensitivity low level magnetic data.
DroneSAM — Low frequency hybrid geophysical system, ground active source high-powered transmitter system coupled with slow flying low level Drone data acquisition of (B-field) Transient EM (TEM) and Magnetometric Resistivity (MMR) data.

Radiometric and LiDAR — In the near future.

The use of drone technology is opening up the airborne market to higher resolution data, tighter ground clearance, and engineering safer exploration procedures by keeping boots on the ground and out of dangerous terrain.



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Primary Data products:

  • TMI – Total Magnetic Intensity
  • TFEM – Total Field Electromagnetics
  • TFMMR – Total Field Magnetometric Resistivity
  • DSM – Digital Surface Model
  • Photomosaic – RGB, NIR

  • Gold exploration
  • Diamond exploration
  • VMS exploration
  • Geologic structure mapping
  • Buried infrastructure Location

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