Our Vision


Our Mission is to Reveal Earths resources in an accurate\quick and cost efficient fashion.

As well as to utilize superior technology for superior Discoveries.

Our values insure greatest accomplishments for Discovery and our customers. They are:

Health, Safety and Environment


The health and safety of people and the protection of the environment are the cornerstones of our work. From upper management to field operator we all share in the responsibility constantly refining the health and safety of our workplace as well as the condition of the environment.


Discovery dedicates itself to keep everyone from harm and to respectfully conduct our business with care not only locally but globally.


  • Maintaining highest possible safety measures.
  • Endeavour to lead the industry in HSE practices, which encompass accurate and transparent reporting in a timely manner.
  • Practice an ever evolving safety culture.
  • Continuously improve all efforts using innovations and science.



Leading by example, earning trust, honoring our commitments and conducting our business ethically through personal and professional integrity.


At Discovery we committed ourselves in every area of our business to abide to our high level of integrity wherever and whatever we do.


  • Accurately conduct all business transactions and accounts
  • Managing all corporate information securely and confidentially.
  • All laws\regulations and other requirements applying to Discovery are being met or exceeded.
  • Honoring our commitments whether they are written or oral.



Through leadership\partnership and innovation we inspire others by excelling in every aspect of our business to reach our full potential.


By partnering with innovation leading companies Discovery commits itself  to achieve excellence in our industry.


  • Preventing errors and supporting our business by developing and implementing tools.
  • Develop and provide services that surpass customer expectations.
  • Design long-term strategies for continuous improvements.
  • Compare ourselves with competitors to find new ways to adopt,modify and implement improvements relevant to our industry.


Our Goal is to be the leading exploration service provider in the world and to be the synonym for state-of-the-art exploration. 

Measuring Success

Discoveries four measures of success proactively address the financial, social and environmental aspects of our business and form the foundation for our sustainable development:

  • Having a safe and healthy work environment
  • Supportive environment from senior management to field operator.
  • Outstanding results for customers.
  • Being fair in all aspects.