Jessy Deep SQUID TEM

Jessy Deep SQUID TEM

Discovery has exclusive rights to use the finest, commercially available Superconducting Quantum Interference Device, throughout North America.

Jessy Deep HT SQUID – the industry leader, 3D B-field EM sensor producing the cleanest commercially available EM component data for conductor discrimination, anywhere.

As mineral exploration progresses deeper every day, Jessy Deep, and its unrivaled sensitivity, is the industry leader in the latest evolution of electromagnetic instrumentation. With a realistic S/N threshold far less than 0.1pt/A within almost every environment, Jessy Deep offers a highly dynamic frequency range and has proved to be cost-effective and efficient with 3D simultaneous acquisition at extreme low frequencies into the 0.125hz (2000ms) range or lower if warranted.

Advanced Processing – Discovery has developed a processing suite to calculate dB/dt data from collected B-field data as an additional product on request.

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Operating at extreme low frequencies enables the clearest detection of smaller, long time constant (>1000ms) pyrrhotite hosted VMS, Ni-Cu-PGE like targets at great depths.

3 component decay characteristics are modeled to vector towards the highest conductivity zone and ease discrimination of what is or, what is not, a worthy drill target.

Super Conductors, pyrrhotite hosted sulphide deposits with conductivity thickness >10kS (often associated with Nickel Ore), typically present a problem for TEM exploration. Traditionally, On-Time Step-Response data have been relied upon to determine the transmitted pulse deformation associated with Super Conductors. The quality of these data however, are dependent upon the accuracy of the calculated primary field strength at each survey station; primarily controlled by accurately measuring the transmitter-receiver geometry. Due to the dynamic range and excellent S/N of Jessy Deep, On-Time Step-Response calculations are no longer required as Super-Conductors can clearly be resolved at the extreme low frequencies Jessy Deep is not only capable of, but excels at.

Sensitivity is the key to successful TEM targeting of any conductive body however, further advancements in interpretability confidence can be made by coupling with a range of high-power transmitters in pursuit of maximizing loop excitation for increased dipole moment and greater detection; even further advancements towards interpretability and survey efficiency involve incorporating a multiplexer (multi-loop switch device) or, incorporating multi-Tx, simultaneous loop recordings with offset frequencies of non-parasitic harmonics.

We at Discovery, are continually incorporating and testing pioneering survey concepts in the never ending pursuit of efficient, cost-effective safe operations for our clientele.

The Advantages of HT Jessy-Deep SQUID TEM

  • Detect deeper conductors, 1 km or more
  • Greater precision from increased signal to noise results in more precise interpretations and better drill targeting
  • Increased discrimination of conductors because of wider bandwidth of B-field response
    • Detect basement conductors under conductive cover
    • Identify discrete conductors within a conductive zone
  • Increased signal to noise leads to simplified survey logistics, e.g. smaller transmitter loop, wider station interval
  • Wide band data acquisition enhances modeling capabilities
  • Unsurpassed clarity in the detection of conductors

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